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Name : Tabatha M
Date: 12/30/2020

1.  Did you find the arrival of our truck neat, clean, and well organized?

A:   Very satisfied

2.  Was the crew knowledgeable about picking up and taking apart the furniture when loading them into the truck?

A:   Excellent

3.  Was the staff courteous and helpful at all times?

A:   Extremely responsive

4.  How long have you been a customer of our company?

A:   This is my first purchase

5.  Would you use us again?

A:   Extremely likely

6.  Can we use you as a reference?

A:   Extremely likely

7.  Which of the following words would you describe our Moving Company?

A:   High quality

Comments and Suggestions

Ed and James loaded my MIL’s very full 2 bedroom a

We needed to hire a company to move our conference room table while we had the rugs replaced. We called Hands 2 Hands Inc. because they had come highly recommended to us and we couldn't have asked for a better company. The walls are basically all glass so getting that big chunky table out of there and back in without shattering the glass seemed like an impossible task. They had it out of there in an hour and made it look easy! Very impressive.

– Scott Booker

I just moved out of my parent's house and into an apartment of my own and while I didn't have a lot of stuff, the items I did have were heavy (couch, bedroom set, etc). So, I needed a company that was going to help me transport and set up my belongings. Hands 2 Hands Inc. came to my parent's house, assessed my move, helped me pack, loaded everything in the truck and helped unload. They were so helpful and so polite I couldn't have been happier!

– Ashleigh Collins

If I ever need to move again, I will certainly call again! Y'all did a wonderful job moving my family into our new home and I am forever grateful! Thank y'all so much!

– Janet Fischer

They were quick, affordable, polite and cooperative. Thanks for making this move an easy one

– Sherry

It took my family months to convince me to hire a moving company, glad they convinced me to hire you guys. Nice job

– Beau

We recently had our home renovated in Raleigh and when we moved back in, we discovered that the company we hired, didn't clean up after themselves! I'm talking dust and old tile everywhere! Luckily, we called Hands 2 Hands Inc. and they took care of everything in a matter of two hours! I was so so happy! Thank you, guys!

- Jackie

I didn't think packing was going to be as hard as it was! If it wasn't for Hands 2 Hands Inc., I'd still be sitting on my living room floor trying to make sense of everything!

– Robert Fouler

I was recently given the opportunity to move from Shelby to Greensboro for work. Hands 2 Hands Inc. helped us pack and move which made the transition a little easier on my family.

– Thomas Vasser

They were able to move my luggage in a prompt, timely manner. I was pleased.

– Ashwini